Keridak Silk, CCO

Keridak Kae Silk is the founder and Chief Cultural Officer of Virtual Freedom™ .  She and her trained certified Virtual Freedom ™  Assistants offer  an  ever growing array of internet skills.  If you have ever said, “I wish I had an assistant” then you are in the right spot.

Keridak Silk has been a VA since 2005.  Clients range in the size of the their business and their needs. Most are solo-entrepreneurs.  Many are looking for someone with the skills they need and the openness to alternative spiritual beliefs.  Non-profits, Healers, Life Coaches, Doctors, Veterinarians and Home Inspectors are a few of the clients Keridak has served.
As CCO Keridak believes in creating an environment of trust and connection.  Clients, Contractors and Virtual Freedom™ Trainees are all treated with value and respect. Understanding that each is unique and building on this is part of what makes Virtual Freedom™ unique in the field.
Keridak is Hootsuite Certified ( a social media scheduler) and trained in Google Keywords/Advertising.  She holds a Masters degree in Human Services/Counseling from National Louis University. Keridak’s love of technology and internet promotion came later in life. It has become a passion to help those struggling with time and skill. Writing has always been Keridak’s life and her defining skill! She conquers the wilderness of fantasy, adventure and social media. Launching Virtual Freedom™ , as a way to free herself from the drudgery of a job; Keridak leveraged the fact that for many entrepreneurs, authors and artists the world of social media networking is a forbidding maze.

Keridak helps them to find their own passions and to create their platforms. Her upcoming book Virtual Freedom™  is a unique strategy focused on small business owners and solo-entrepreneurs. Keridak gives them the directions, so they do not end in a muddle at the center of the SN maze. Instead they can easily maneuver the twists and turns of Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and yes, even Google +.

Keridak had achieved the Distinguished Toast Master Award and presents workshops around the Midwest. Ghostwriting blogs and social media for many of her clients. She guest blogs for Jessica Aspen Writes and Paranormal Freebies. Keridak is a member of the Milwaukee Writer’s Circle.  Published in their latest anthology. Her work associates her with a wide variety of people all searching to understand the internet. Having discovered many tricks and free tools, Keridak’s passion is to be the guiding light helping the lost find their way to Virtual Freedom™ .



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