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8 Actions You Can Take Today to Protect Your WordPress Site

Ithemes security plug in that I offer for sites that I maintain has written a terrific article that includes the 8 Actions You Can Take Today to Protect Your WordPress Site. I am including the list here. For the full article go

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How do I use QR Codes to Market my Business?

Do you wonder what these nifty little graphics are?  They are called a QR Code.  With 70% of clients using smart phones it is a good idea to add one to your printed materials and signage.  They take a client

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11 Reasons to Invest in a Business App

Push Notifications Keep You In Touch  — Our mobile apps let you stay in touch with your customers all the time using push notifications. These are alerts that pop up on their phone telling them about a special or making a comment

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3 Local Marketing Tips

3 Local Marketing Tips is an opportunity to grow your connection with the people who actually in to your shop or place of business. Facebook and twitter can be wonderful but often the majority of Likes and Followers are people

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