5 Posting Ideas

In this day of instant gratification, businesses owners look to social media as the ultimate sales tool. Many are anticipating a huge increase in sales once they start posting. In reality building your brand and your audience loyalty is anything but instant.

First decide on the personality you want your posts to portray. This is decided by the target audience,our your comfort zone and the image your brand is to be known for.  When you began your business consideration went into logos, colors, fonts and image.  The same should go into your social media.

Kitchy or professional:  what catches they eye and likes is usually something fun or interesting.  Even a pure sales site can create interesting engaging social posts.   Here are a few ideas on what engages.

Photos – visuals catch the eye.  Mix the large photos, with links. If your business is graphics, photos or visual content of any sort be sure to layer your website onto the graphic. Once it goes viral you want people to know how to find you.

Contests – We all love to win! Contest can be for small items – just be sure that you are following the rules of your state, county and the social network.

Real Life – reality shows are all the rage. Everyone wants to know your business – well not all of it. Just a few interesting snippets.  Keep your business focus in mind and bring in a little realty. See what catches and what is ignored.

Give Always – unlike a contest everyone receives something.  This can be an animated prize, a virtual prize like a badge for their website or other.

Highlight Good Customers – great review’s or longstanding client’s can be mentioned. Don’t be afraid to link to their site if they have one.

The posting gets you in their field of vision. As with all advertising it takes many times of being seen before they take action. But engaging people and their friends will be the first step to making those bigger sales.



Keridak Silk is the Chief Cultural Officer and founder of Virtual Freedom. Keridak has been social networking, creating wordpress sites, sending email broadcasts for since 200. She is certified in Hootsuite, a LinkedIn Pro and currently adding new certifications. Keridak works with small businesses to create successful marketing tools at a reasonable cost. @kerisilk, #social_media, #entrepreneur, #homebasedbusiness,# facebook ,#google+, #twitter, #constantcontact,#mailchimp