How do I use QR Codes to Market my Business?

OSCqrcode.17731762Do you wonder what these nifty little graphics are?  They are called a QR Code.  With 70% of clients using smart phones it is a good idea to add one to your printed materials and signage.  They take a client directly to an URL – page on your website.  You can use it for a special event , your home page, facebook page, etc.

They are free. Here are a few places to get one:
*** these are for your information – let us know how they work for you.  II has not tried them specifically.

There are 40 versions of  QR Codes. It can be read from any angle -360.  You can choose color, size and in some cases embed a letter or logo.  Since they are free and easy to generate they become a fantastic marketing tool.  Customers upload a scanner into their smart phones. Most have this app. They hold it up to the QR Code and the url that you linked to your code appears on their cell phone.

Great way to utilize space or to give those who scan an extra gift or insight.  When you do the latter you create engagement. Engaged customers are more likely to by!

You can read about the history at and much more by the inventor Denso Wave.

QR Codes are contributing to making a variety of our activities both at home and at work convenient. It can be used in our daily life not only for printed matters such as fliers and name cards but also as a payment system. It can also be used for various business purposes at factories and in logistics operations. Since QR Codes are now used in such a wide variety of ways, they have now become an indispensable tool in our lives. This high functionality on a par with our way of living and its design quality are valued publicly, and in 2012 it was awarded a Good Design Award, an award from a design promotion initiative sponsored by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion, a public interest incorporated foundation.

How do I use QR Codes to Market my Business?

Most intuitive businesses will choose to use QR Codes for print material or signage. But be aware that they are quickly going to overtake the Standard Bar Code for other uses.

A QR Code can be quickly scanned at an event to bring people to your website, a lead page or a contest.

If you have a sign in your window add a QR code for people to find out more about your business.

Adding them to your website is unnecessary, since a link is simpler.

Share how you use them!

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