11 Reasons to Invest in a Business App

  1. Push Notifications Keep You In Touch  — Our mobile apps let you stay in touch with your customers all the time using push notifications. These are alerts that pop up on their phone telling them about a special or making a comment or send a personal message.
  2. 24 Hour Access to You — Your business closes at 6pm, but with an App your clients can contact you at any time and schedule an appointment, check your services or order!
  3. Streaming Media — You can create videos and then upload them to YouTube to be viewed.   With your App the videos can be directly viewed and shared!
  4. One Stop — Look at any group and see how many people are on their phones. All of your specials, information and more will be directly linked to your App.
  5. Direct Link Between Your Business and Your Customers–  Customers can message you directly or with the tap of a button call.
  6. Integration of your App with your Website, Social Media and other Marketing. Including a QR code for easy mobile access. Customers just point and they are at your mobile app.
  7. Increased Sales  — More customers! More Money! Grow your revenue.
  8. Multi Platforms —Apps that will run on the iPhone, iPad and Android operating systems. They will also be able to download them through the Apple Store or Google Play. So everyone can download your business’s App.
  9.  10. & 11.

Mobile Stats

Keridak Silk is the Chief Cultural Officer and founder of Virtual Freedom. Keridak has been social networking, creating wordpress sites, sending email broadcasts for since 200. She is certified in Hootsuite, a LinkedIn Pro and currently adding new certifications. Keridak works with small businesses to create successful marketing tools at a reasonable cost. @kerisilk, #social_media, #entrepreneur, #homebasedbusiness,# facebook ,#google+, #twitter, #constantcontact,#mailchimp

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