Should I Have a Free Offer?

Every business needs to get the word out. There are multiple marketing devices but with the internet one of the most common is offering a free item or trial period. So, should I have a free offer; you ask? Well, here are some reason to offer freebies.

Why this works is that research has shown that even at a penny customers think about the purchase. If it is free they tend to not consider cost, obviously. They also feel a sense of getting a bargain. Many times people will go out of their way for free items.  Consider the stores that offer a free gift when you stop in. You might not consider stopping if it wasn’t that you are getting something free. Even better if you know that you what you are getting.

Have you ever sat through a sales talk just to get the free gift at the end of the spiel? If you have done this more than once you really understand the allure. Often there are multiple possible free gifts.  Rarely does one receive the  big costly gift. I’ve walked out with suitcases, a phone and once a contraption I never figured out. Still each time a mailer arrives I think that I might get the vacation and wouldn’t it be worth an hour of my time.

The word coined for these free items is freemium. If you have a small business or one just skirting by; you are probably thinking what can I afford to give? Should I have a Free offer?

And why?

If your business offers a membership or subscription, offering a free trial is one why to entice new people to try your service.

Offering an e-book, how to video or other online item, is generally free to you or low cost. Send out the offer to all of your customers and ask them to share.  Use social media to post the offer often, have it on your website. Giving something away persuades new customers to visit your site/facebook page, etc.  The more they see your brand the more comfortable they feel.

When they receive something of value to them, for free, it gives a greater sense of comfort. People shop in places they feel comfortable with. They want value for their dollar and they want to feel good about their purchases.

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Keridak Silk is the Chief Cultural Officer and founder of Virtual Freedom. Keridak has been social networking, creating wordpress sites, sending email broadcasts for since 200. She is certified in Hootsuite, a LinkedIn Pro and currently adding new certifications. Keridak works with small businesses to create successful marketing tools at a reasonable cost. @kerisilk, #social_media, #entrepreneur, #homebasedbusiness,# facebook ,#google+, #twitter, #constantcontact,#mailchimp

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