Directory Listings – Why They Are Important

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Directory Listings are the myriad of online sites that work as online phone books.  They collect listings of businesses and store them in categories with the key words.  Often these sort by location.  When a consumer enters a search such as best pancakes in Freedom Nebraska.  The search engines frequently show the names of local businesses. The happy consumer clicks to find out the details.

Here it is rarely the actual site of the business. Instead they find they are on a directory listing.

Your business is in the directory listings. Right now, as you read.

The listing opens with your business name but it also has other options for the consumer to choose from.  If your directory listing profile is complete then you can rest assured that the information is correct.  A complete profile is more enticing to the consumer. It usually features a picture or several. It gives your hours and contact information. It also has a clickable link to your website.

If you have not gone to the directory site and added your complete information then there is a good chance that things are wrong or missing.  It is in your best interest to make sure that your profile is up to date on every directory listing.

There may be as many as 50 Directory Listings.  Popular ones are Yelp, Yellow Pages, Google Local, and Yahoo. Finding them.  You can hire Virtual Freedom™ to manually go to each – verify the information, complete it. Go to our Directory Listings page for  more information.

Who needs to worry about directory listings?

Local businesses – restaurants, shops, practioners, and anyone that has a physical address with hours.  This is extremely important! Local businesses need to be accessed easily.

Virtual businesses can use a mailing address. It becomes a little difficult to keep the occasional visitor from trying to locate you. A few listing directories allow  a business to say by appointment only.
To best understand this use the dex knows search below for your place of business.  Now think of 30- 50 online directory listings all pointing at your business. Do you want the information correct -YES. 

We can do the work of checking listings for you, correcting profiles and adding pictures.

For those in Intuitive Fields, Massage, Natural Medicine, Holistic, or other Energetic Theraputic Fields. Look to join  FindET.US (lead in information) / EnergeticTherapies.Biz (Directory)

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