3 Local Marketing Tips

3 Local Marketing Tips is an opportunity to grow your connection with the people who actually in to your shop or place of business. Facebook and twitter can be wonderful but often the majority of Likes and Followers are people living so far away that they will never buy from you.  Though local businesses do need to keep an online presence her are a few local marketing tips that will help keep your neighbors coming to you.

1. Texting —  Mass text messages that alert locals to a special deal or sale can work wonders.  Invite customers to send the first message requesting to be on your list.  Then once a week or so send them something special. Alternate a small deal such as $1 off, with BOGOs (Buy One Get One) and larger deals a Free Item or Service.

2.  Fund Raising- Work with your favorite non-profit to create a fund raiser – dollars raised go to them.  It can be a percentage on a certain day or particular item.  Become a donation center for Toys for Tots, food or pet supplies.

3.  Outreach – wear your logo on a t-shirt and be seen volunteering or community events.  Reach out to other businesses and create a joint venture.  They place your flyers or cards on the counter – you do theirs on yours.

There are definitely more than 3 Local Marketing Tips, but these should get you started. Comment on ones that have worked the best for your business.


Keridak Silk is the Chief Cultural Officer and founder of Virtual Freedom. Keridak has been social networking, creating wordpress sites, sending email broadcasts for since 200. She is certified in Hootsuite, a LinkedIn Pro and currently adding new certifications. Keridak works with small businesses to create successful marketing tools at a reasonable cost. @kerisilk, #social_media, #entrepreneur, #homebasedbusiness,# facebook ,#google+, #twitter, #constantcontact,#mailchimp

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